How deep is your relationship with the herbs you use?
The messages from the plants may seem 
hidden or unavailable.
But with just a little practical guidance, 
you can activate your plant
communication skills and stop missing out on the wisdom that comes through direct, 
working relationships with the plants 
so you can feel more satisfied and successful with how you use herbs.

Would you like to learn the language of the plants and create a more meaningful connection with the herbs you use without having to spend more time reading, taking notes, sorting and organizing data and information?
 Would you like to discover your unique method of experiencing messages from the plants using simple techniques that don't take extra time and can just easily become part of how you go about your normal day, no matter how busy you already are?
 Online Class with Kami McBride
Plant Wisdom has everything inside to help you 
discover how to listen to, accurately interpret and 
confidently apply messages you receive directly from the plants

Kami will help you activate your own unique way of connecting and communicating with plants so you can receive personal, relevant guidance and healing that is specific to your life and unique situation
This class is for you if:
  • You’re ready to feel the wisdom of the Earth in your body instead of just learning about it
  • You love working with herbs but yearn for deeper knowing, more personalized healing and easier integration
  • You've heard about people 'talking with the plants', you want to understand what it really is and and don't want to miss out on the benfits of this multi-disciplinary approach to your herbal studies
  • You're intrigued by the process of learning practical plant communication tools that can increase your herbal study retention and follow through rate and that you can use over and over again to help yourself and your family 
  • ​You’re ready for full-spectrum herbal learning and want to engage your herbal understanding beyond books, blogs and classes  
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Class is delivered in downloadable video, audio, transcripts, guided exercises, handouts and
Live Integration Calls with Kami where she will work with you personally

The learning process is set up so you don't have to be anywhere at any particular time 
You'll have lifetime access and the resources you need to take this course now or whenever it 
works for you in your schedule

Does it feel like you can't seem to learn quick enough?
Do you have the nagging feeling that you never know enough? 
Do you feel like you should push to study more 
but you're already too busy, don't have enough time, 
and sometimes can't remember what you study? 

Why not let the Earth herself guide you into the simplicity of 
relational herbal medicine experineces that settle 
deeply into your body and that you never forget. 

The plants are speaking.

Are you listening? 
This is your invitation to be one that 
 listens and  brings through the voice of the plants. 

There is an overwhelming tendency to think of herbs in a one dimensional, outdated, take this for that paradigm.

Learning to deeply connect with the natural world is a critical part of creating a body of herbal knowledge that is up to date and is relevant to what is needed now.

Most of our education is based on intellect and unfortunately that has spilled over into our herbal learning. Intellect is only half of the picture.

Are you ready to consciously tend your reciprocal relationship with the plants and move beyond half engaged herbal studies?

When you make deep, firsthand connection with the plants, herbal medicine becomes a personal, embodied experience that goes far beyond trying to memorize herbal actions, constituents and contraindications.

If you've got a gut feeling that something is missing in your herbal studies and you are ready to bridge the gap...

  • No previous experience needed 
  • No "special spiritual gifts" required
  • No need to buy more supplies or books
In Plant Wisdom
you’ll learn 
how to:
  • ​Develop the mindset and habits to access the living wisdom of the Earth
  • ​​Nourish your evolving, direct relationship with the plants which is critical to ditching the all too common problem of not integrating herbs in your daily life as much as you would like 
  • Clear the 3 obstacles that block the channels of you being able to access direct nature perception
  • Understand the scientific physiological mechanics of how you are wired for plant communication and why anyone can do this - even if you have no experience
  • Replace your herbal learning overwhelm and the feeling that you are missing something. Your personal plant communication continuum will give you a deep sense of peace and satisfaction about your herbal studies
  • ​Learn the simple steps that activate the basic human physiology response of perceiving messages from nature
  • Work through the doubt and skepticism and know the difference between authentic plant communition versus when your own thinking is getting in the way
  • Recognize the disadvantages of pigeonholing plant studies into - only learning from clinical studies, monographs, books and blogs -  and how this gap undermines your access to the depth of what the plants have to offer and the full healing potential of herbal medicine
  • ​Energize the basic mindset framework that helps you to stop being distracted by every shiny new herb or recipe and assure your connection with your true herbal allies
  • Stay grounded in your plant connections even when you feel skeptical or people around you play the woo woo or crazy card
  • Move beyond information and knowledge overload into personalized and embodied wisdom direct from the source that you won't find anywhere else
  • Use plant communication to feel more confident in your contribution to helping people with your herbal remedies
  • Go deeper with your herbal studies without having to spend more time reading, studying and memorizing. 
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What is the language of the Earth? What is the physiology of how humans are innately wired to de-code direct messages given 
to us from the plants. What supports this relational form of learning, what blocks it and why is it important for our 
herbal studies now?


Who in your family lineage held the wisdom of Earth based knowledge? Even if it was generations ago, you can access your plant communication heritage and rekindle the awareness that deep relatedness with the plants is in your family line and 
available to you now.


What is the step by step process of asking for guidance from the plants? What are 
the techniques that can open the lines of communication? How can it become second nature so that having the plants themselves as teachers is an easy part of 
learning to use herbs.


What is the process of de-coding plant messages into insight and clarity that is meaningful and healing in your life?  What is the  formula for deciphering plant messages from your own thoughts so you can be sure about what is real versus something you just made up in your head. How can you feel confident in your abiliity to receive personal, relevant guidance and healing information that is specific to your life and your unique situation.


How can you safely and responsibly trust what you recieve so that you can apply the Earth directed wisdom to how you work with the herbs and experience the full range of what herbal medicine has to offer. When you unlock the door to plant communication and learn to interpret the subtle messages of healing that reveal themselves every day from the plant world, herbal medicine takes on a whole new meaning.


Live Integration Calls with Kami

I help plant lovers engage in deeply personal communication with herbs no matter what the level of your experience by supporting you to activate your basic human physiology capacity to perceive messages and be in close relationship with the plants.

Plant Wisdom Testimonials:

"Plant Wisdom work is the heart of herbalism. The kitchen is the heart of the home, learning directly from plants is the heart of herbal studies. It’s hard for your herbal studies to really grow if it isn’t rooted in the deeper connection that happens with plant communication." - L. Turkel

"Doing Plant Wisdom with Kami reconnected me with my own ability to connect with the plants, to learn directly from them as teachers and to really trust my own intuition. This has been life-changing work for me."                     - D. Royal-Hedinger

"This course has not only ‘influenced my life’ but also actually realigned it. This has been much more than learning about the plants, I have learned not only about relating to the plants but to the entire natural world. You have been a tremendous inspiration to me. Thank you for doing what you do." - Natalie T.

"I tend to think I need to know more, I get overwhelmed thinking I should know them all and then I don’t trust what I do know. What I have found is that with the direct plant communication I feel like I get what I need from the plants that speak to me instead of feeling like I need to know it all. So for me, my plant communication is the antidote to the low grade feeling that I used to have of I never know enough."  - C. Wright

"Studying herbs was so much flatter, less dimensional without the plant communication piece. There is a lot of potential healing that is missed. The more you communication with the plants the more they become your teachers, plants become something much more than something we take for this or that ailment." - M. Brown

"The herbs in and of themselves are rich, but when you add the plant communication element, you're going to have a richer experience. It’s powerful. It can change your life. Plant communication is something that we can all do. You may not think you have it, but once it’s activated, it’s just there. You don't have to work to get it" - T. Keenan

""I just finished Kami’s plant communication class and it was just what I needed. I have been an herbalist for almost 50 years and have learned the science, as well as the art of medicine making. Being an herbalist is so much a part of who I am, that I don’t even think about it anymore. And yet there was something missing. This class was my missing piece, it opened me up to a whole new way of loving who I am with the plants, and who they are with me."             - Tracy B, Oregon

"I was so skeptical, this kind of thing seemed to happen for everyone else but not work for me. I was so amazed when this pathway opened up for me. When you only study herbs from a book or learn constituents in a class you don't learn the depth of what a plant has to offer. I love that with direct plant communication you can pick up things that are not in the books." - J. Good

"I owe so much of what I do to my teacher, Kami McBride, but most of all the Plant Wisdom work. I highly recommend this course. Let Kami guide you to the source of connecting with herbalism, learning to deeply listen to the messages the plants bring. Consider putting away the books and the technicalities of herbal practices for a bit and ride with Kami to a place where clear messages are, indications that come to light just between you and the plants." - Deborah B.

"This class has opened my eyes and my heart to the ways that plants speak to me, and how I can trust what I am hearing to guide me.The best part for me has been learning how to recognize the particular way that plants communicate with me. I feel more confident in distinguishing thoughts that are mine from those that are from the plants.

I have benefited in so many ways... learning how to listen and feeling reconnected to the natural world in a way that has been missing since I was a kid.

Thank you, Kami, for providing me with a pathway of spirit that I can follow for the rest of my life. I know now that the plants have always been there for me, offering their healing gifts."

- Mary McIvor, Washington

"In her online course, Plant Wisdom, Kami thinks of everything, she is thoughtful, organized, playful and adaptive. Her teaching touch brings simplicity and concrete-ness to what can be considered a vague and intangible subject! She uses numerous methods for learning to communicate with plants along with exercises to put the learnings into practice and throughout the course I learned to trust my own communication process. Plant Wisdom: Activate Your Communication Skills is a unique course that embeds in your cells and grows with you!Bottom line, if you are called to the plants, do what you have to do to get into this class. You don’t want to miss out!- Robyn McKenzie, Florida

"As a Native Hawaiian cultural practitioner that teaches laʻau lapaʻau traditions (healing with plants), I was raised to love and respect the ʻāina (earth, nature) as our Mother and understand that plants are our ancestors, our guides and teachers.

In Kami's online course, “Plant Wisdom: Activate Your Plant Communication Skills” Kami gave me the ability to receive a deeper understanding of the messages that my ancestors wish to impart. Her teachings are a powerful catalyst for deepening our relationship with nature, and thus affecting the way we perceive and move more harmoniously in the world with “all our relations”. Ultimately, “Plant Wisdom” is a venue for personal transformation and healing through activating your innate ability to communicate with plants. Mahalo Kami. - L. Kamauu Yamasaki

 Book study sticks better when plant communication is at the foundation of your herbal learning.
 Let's get your  Plant Communication mindset 
in place so your herbal studies can be
informed directly by the plants.
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